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I’m a badass business owner and NFT-obsessed crypto investor with a voice of silk and an educational and sometimes hilarious TikTok account.

I don’t know how but apparently I’ve amassed a following of over 300,000 people and my videos have garnered 55 million video views what even is my life.

While being a woman in tech for the last 30 years (OMG has it been that long?? I guess my flex is working on the Y2k Bug) I’ve come to believe that getting more girls into the tech field should be a goal for everyone.


What I Do:

Bring light to the world by helping people achieve their goals through technology

"Where do I start! Brooke inspires me in so many ways, from her ability to push through any project to her honesty about mental illness. Her ability to talk so openly about her experiences has given me permission to do the same. And she's flipping FUNNY. The way Brooke approaches life gives me the confidence that I can be successful while navigating mental illness too—and laugh through it along the way."

Tiffany Eller

Podcast Producer, Host

Graphic Artist

"Listening to Brooke speak for the first time at Connect the Dots inspired me to feel confident in tackling tech as a small business owner and female entrepreneur! Her humor made it that much easier for me to not feel overwhelmed and stay focused to what she was saying. I appreciated her vulnerability when it came to mental health because I relate to it so much but don’t hear many women, especially on stage talking about it so openly! Brooke is a breath of fresh air and the exact opposite of what you imagine a tech presentation to be like!"

Dulce Tuscano

Instagram Influencer

"Brooke Lacey was such an awesome soul to hear speak. She works in a male dominated field and she is killing it as a female plus an entrepreneur! It shows that women can really do anything. She openly talks about mental health and the importance of it, especially for us emotional females. She made me feeling NORMAL as a woman. I’ll never forget her motto in life, “JUST BE NICE.”"


"As a tech speaker, Brooke Lacey stands out not only because of her knowledge but because she shows up with vulnerability, honesty, and transparency. Sharing stories that most people can relate to, Brooke shares her mental health journey as a female entrepreneur in a male dominated industry. In fact, since hearing her speak I’ve often been reminded of her refreshing life motto “Just Be Nice.”

Jennifer Quinn “JennyQ” Live Video Expert